From a two-piece assembly to a complex 100-piece part, Ford Atlantic has the capability to provide completed, validated assemblies to a wide array of industries.  It has been a tremendous value to our customers because it cuts down on their current labor costs while saving production time to produce the finished component. Assemblies are furnished in many different profiles to customer specification. Complete from our overseas vendors, as well as performing in-house assembly from individual components and/or finishing the assembly from sub-assemblies, Ford Atlantic gets the job done for you.

Secondary Operations

  • Configured and packaged per your prints and specifications
  • Master carton and specialty labeling available
  • CAD drawings available
  • Design software available for production items

Assembly is a process of taking two or more parts and combining them in any of a multitude of ways to produce a new part that cannot otherwise be made as a single process.

Our goal is to improve your bottom-line while providing you additional value at a great price!

We help you to minimize your financial burden using us as a vendor so you can become more

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